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Traction Transformer Market – Forecast(2021 – 2026)

Traction transformer is a vital component of a rolling stock. It is an integral part of an electric traction system in the vehicle and helps in the smooth movement of motors used in such as locomotives, high-speed trains, and trams. Owing to their applications, the stresses on traction transformers are high and needs to be considered while designing and deployment. Additional considerations include space and vibration. Traction systems can be broadly segmented into: AC systems and DC systems with majorly used systems are: 25 kV AC 50 Hz, 15 kV AC 16 2/3 Hz, 3 kV DC, 1.5 kV DC, and 1.2 kV DC.
In terms of system, it is estimated that market for AC systems and EMUs will witness the highest growth.

Drivers for this market include government funding and liberalization of rail transport. However, social issues associated with rail projects such as land acquisition may indirectly hamper the market.

This report identifies the global traction transformer market size in for the year 2014-2016, and forecast of the same for year 2021. It also highlights the potential growth opportunities in the coming years, while also reviewing the market drivers, restraints, growth indicators, challenges, market dynamics, competitive landscape, and other key aspects with respect to Traction Transformer market.

Traction Transformer Market

Geographically, Europe estimated to be the largest market for traction transformers with rail electrification as a major driver. The U.S. is the biggest potential market in the Americas owing to the low adoption rate of electrification. Asia Pacific is an emerging market for traction transformers due to its high population density. Among all the types, tapped traction transformer has the highest market share in global traction transformer market.

This report segments global traction transformer market on the basis of type, rolling stock, voltage network and regional market as follows:

  • Traction Transformer Market, by Type: Tap Changing, Tapped, and Rectifier
  • Traction Transformer Market, by Rolling Stock: High-Speed Trains, Electric Locomotive, Electrical Multiple Units (EMUS), and Trams
  • Traction Transformer Market, by Voltage Network: AC, and DC
  • This report has been further segmented into major regions, which includes detailed analysis of each region such as: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), and Rest of the World (RoW) covering all the major country level markets in each of the region

Sample Companies profiled in this report are: 

  • ABB
  • Alstom
  • Altrafo Trasformatori
  • Siemens Transportation
  • Brush Traction
  • 10+.

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