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Patterning Material Market – Forecast(2021 – 2026)

Patterning material is the general term used for the constituents used for photolithography. Photolithography involves carving integrated circuits (ICs) on wafers and etching out materials from a wafer to fabricate electronic devices. This etching is done on polymer films, which are called photoresists. Photoresists get deposited on the surface, when exposed to light of fixed wavelength. This process is extensively used to fabricate printed circuit boards (PCBs). Owing to the steady growth in the PCBs industry, patterning material market is expected to continually expand in the near future.
This report segments the patterning material market on the bases of type, application and geography. On the basis of type, patterning material is categorized as G line and I line, positive tone and negative tone. The positive tone is further subdivided into 193 nm and 248 nm, which denote the wavelength of light. By application, the patterning material market is classified into patterning and etching of substrate, fabrication of PCBs, sand carving, sensors, dynamic RAM, micro and nano electromechanical systems. The forecast period for the report is taken to be from 2016 to 2021.

Patterning Material Market

The report analyzes the global patterning material market on the basis of geography as well. APAC by far holds the largest share in the global revenues of the market, which is attributed to the high concentration of electronics industry in China, Japan and South Korea. APAC is estimated to maintain its lead by growing at the fastest pace to grab an even larger chunk of the revenues by 2021. Americas are in pursuit at second position, while Europe and RoW pose no threat to the APAC and Americas.

Sample Companies Profiled in this Report are:

  • The Dow Chemical Company (The U.S.)
  • Fujifilm Electronic Materials (Japan)
  • Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co. Ltd. (Japan)
  • AZ Electronic Materials (Luxembourg)
  • MacDermid, Inc. (The U.S.).
  • 10+.

The market is quite consolidated on account of the above mentioned big companies in the market.

Other key players include:

  • Hitachi Chemical Company Ltd. (Japan)
  • Honeywell Electronic Materials, Inc. (The U.S.)
  • Eternal Materials Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
  • Sumitomo Chemical Company Ltd. (Japan).

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